About Our Company


Broker No. : 3668, 3669

We are, a Participant of Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited, who are proficient to provide financial and investment-related professional advice for you. As a professional in the industry, we of course are providing traditional trading and e-trading service in ordinary shares, warrants, CBBCs and listed bonds(such as ibond) and service in asset management. In addition, there are stock nominee and custodian services including collecting dividend and bonus shares, rights issue and IPO and so on.


Experience in managing capital investment account (Capital Investment Entrant Scheme)

Professional staff will notice you capital investment amount, deadline and mature day in time and surely the permissible investment securities or assets. We also take up the responsibility to submit the investment rearranged report, annual assets report and detailed transactions list to Immigration Department. Moreover, there is no custodian fee.