China Hong Kong Capital Asset Management Limited Forms Download

IMPORTANT NOTICE : Please contact us at (852) 2913 5000 or by email for the application forms.

1) Account Opening Form

 - For Corporate Account

 - For Individual / Joint Account

*** Common Reporting Standard (CRS) form is required for Account Opening since 01 January 2017 *** Please click here for details

2) Risk Profile Questionnaire

3) Withdrawal Slip

4) Delivery Order Form

5) Third Party Authorisation Form

6) Shares for CCASS Settlement Instructions

7) Add/Change of Contact Information Form

8) Standard Form of Transfer (Must print in two sides)

9) Close Account / Resume Account / Change Signature form

Important Notice :

Due to the new internal operation system of the company, clients' withdrawal instruction must received by the company before 11:30am for value same day.

Those withdrawal instruction received after 11:30am can only be settled on next day.